Post-warranty service

Furniture fittings are very important in the furniture production. Each type of sliding system has certain technical indicators and recommendations regarding the permissible load and terms of operation, only a few people know these parameters, which often leads to necessity to repair or replace such fittings with new ones.

 Important! If the guides or hinges go out of standing too often, it’s possible you use them uncorrectly (for example, they are overloaded). Calculation of the maximum load on the mechanism: from the maximum load weight declared by the manufacturer, it is necessary to take off the weight of the product (box) itself. The amount that remains is the weight that can be placed inside the box. If you need to store heavy things in a box or on a shelf, notify the manufacturer in advance. If the shelves or boxes become overloaded during operation, it is possible to replace the mechanisms with better ones or those that are designed for greater load.


Example: sliding system is designed for loading up to 30 kg, and is mounted on a box of chipboard with dimensions: width – 900 mm, height of side walls – 300 mm, depth – 500 mm, bottom from dsp – 10 mm. The weight of such a box will be approximately 20-22 kg. 30 minus 22 = 8 kg – this is the weight of things that you can put in this box.

Repair of sliding door wardrobes:

The most vulnerable place in the closet  is a sliding system. The quality indicator for the compartment is the level of reliability of its sliding system, but even the most reliable systems sooner or later fail. In this case it is necessary to perform its full or partial replacement.

  • repair services of cabinets;
  • Replacement or repair of the sliding system;
  • Replacement of broken mirrors, glasses;
  • Replacement of fittings;
  • Modernization of the structure;
  • Installation of shelves or partitions;
  • Replacement or installation of pantographs.

Remember, careful operation will ensure the long life of your furniture!

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Price list for postwarranty repair of furniture
The cost of work and materials to be replaced is determined by the master, after inspecting the damage.

Type of work

(in UAH)

1. Adjustment of facades (without replacement of fittings) от 350
2. Adjustment of facades (with replacement of fittings), the cost of furniture is paid separately от 450
3. Adjustment of sliding doors от 350
4. Adjustment of sliding doors (with replacement of fittings), cost of fittings is paid separately от 500
5. One-time visit of the master for consultation от 350

Please, specify the prices!

The price does not include: materials to be replaced; The fee is charged separately, according to their cost.

The price includes: service in Kiev (outside the city the calculation is carried out, according to kilometers).